Dry Cleaning

Dry cleaning your carpet is an alternative to the traditional steam cleaning method. Many people now choose this method as the preferred solution for both their home and office. This cleaning process effectively removes stains and specks of dirt from your carpet and give it the clean look you want to see.

The dry cleaning method requires very little water to carry out. Before the use of our efficient dry cleaning machine, we pre-treat fibers and break down the dirt in your carpet with cleaning agents. We then brush the cleaning agents into your carpet before proceeding to extract the cleansers together with all stains, dirt, oils, and other sediments. That done, you are left with a soft carpet that is as fresh and clean as the first time you laid it in the room.

Why choose the dry cleaning method for your carpet cleaning needs?

  • Green and Eco-friendly

As a company committed to the global movement of making our planet a safer place, we offer you a green and eco-friendly method of carpet cleaning. We provide solutions to our customers’ cleaning needs through advanced technology that guarantees the use of low energy.

  • Shorter drying time for your Carpet

Gone are the days you have to wait a whole day for your carpet or rug to dry up. What if we told you that your carpet can dry up within minutes? Our system of carpet cleaning guarantees very minimal interference with your daily life and business activities.

  • Guaranteed removal of all stains and dirt

Despite using very less water throughout the entire process, we guarantee that our dry carpet cleaning method removes all stains and dirt. But most especially, this method is suitable for you if you wish to remove tough stains from your carpet or rug.

Also importantly, if the carpet is at a spot or room where limiting traffic would be difficult, then we best recommend going for our dry cleaning method. However, when you contact us, we can better discuss the best solution for your carpet.