Steam Cleaning


Sometimes, you just have to admit that OLD IS GOLD. The steam cleaning method remains a widely sought after carpet cleaning solution for giving carpets a clean and fresh look. Even though the carpets cleaned using this method takes a longer time to dry up, it is worth the wait.

Otherwise known as the hot water extraction method, steam cleaning works deeper and lifts the bacteria in your carpet as the dirt gets extracted. We start by vacuuming your carpet to make it dust-free, then examine the stains and state of the carpet to know how best to go about the cleaning process.

Why choose the steam cleaning method for your carpet cleaning?

  • Our steam cleaning method dries faster

The goal for our steam cleaning service is to ensure everything goes back to normal quickly. Though this method generally takes more time, our style of implementation is designed to reduce the drying time unlike what you’ll get elsewhere.

  • It doesn’t just clean your carpet, it refreshes it

“Clean” may not be satisfactory for you, but how about the fact that we actually refresh your carpet? Once we extract the dirt and molds plaguing your carpet, the fiber becomes soft and smooth on your feet. Let’s bring back the awesome feeling your carpet use to give before the dirt and stains.

  • The perfect solution for a long cleaned carpet

When last did you clean your carpet? Or perhaps you’ve never cleaned your floor covering before? Mostly for long cleaned carpets, our steam cleaning method is the ideal option. The high power steam generated by our machine does the cleaning to perfection whilst being gentle on the carpet’s fiber.

The steam cleaning method remains a common solution for carpet cleaning. Schedule an appointment with us and let our technicians handle your carpet with care and outstanding professionalism. We are the number 1 carpet cleaning company you can trust in Glenview and surrounding North Shore area.