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Clean, fresh, beautiful carpets! Done with care by the professionals at Glenview Carpet Cleaning

We strive to provide customers with the best experience possible. Whether you need a carpet cleaners, or maybe a rug cleaner, upholstery cleaning or even drapes, we have experience with all of them! Give us a call to discuss your needs and we will make sure you are well taken care of.

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Let’s make your carpet clean and fresh like never before

We know you hate to see your carpets dirty, stained, and smelly. But that becomes inevitable overtime. Bacteria build up in your carpet the longer you keep it uncleaned and the health risks should not be ignored. This is why we are here for you at Glenview Carpet Cleaning.

When your beautiful nice carpet becomes unattractive and uninviting, then it’s time to get it thoroughly cleaned from wall to wall. We will make sure that every stain on your carpet vanishes without a trace. We are revolutionizing the industry with our system of carpet cleaning and we would like you to be a beneficiary of our innovative methods.

When we see the state of your carpets, we can better help you decide on the method that will be perfect for you. You don’t necessarily need a steam cleaning; sometimes, the dry cleaning method is the best solution. You may not know the perfect one for your carpet, but as experienced professionals, we will help you make that decision.

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For information on our sought after dry cleaning method please visit:


Your rug deserves Glenview Cleaning, let’s help you out

What type of rug would you like to clean: oriental rug or area rug? We offer our rug cleaning service to cover both. Oriental rugs need unique handling to make sure the stains and dirt it has accumulated over time are totally extracted.

Area rugs need proper maintenance and thorough cleaning. That’s the key to preserving the beauty and value. Our method of rug cleaning will ensure that the stains, pollutants, allergens, and dirt are safely and effectively removed. With Glenview Carpet Cleaning in town, there should be no reason why your rug is still uncleaned.

Our technicians will take the time out to patiently give your rug a dapper look. When it comes to delivering excellent service, we are perfectionists. Every spot will be touched and every dirt will be dislodged. It’s our job, and it’s what we do best. No one else does it like us!

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Let’s give your drapes the much cleaner look you are looking for

While some drape cleaners use equipment meant for normal clothes cleaning, we have specially designed equipment for cleaning our customers’ drapes at Glenview Carpet Cleaning. Taking out your drapes for cleaning and leaving your home or office exposed is unnecessary, as we can take care of your drapes exactly where they are hanged.

Your drapes do not only cover your windows, they are also air filters. Leaving them dirty and dusty means you are contaminating the air flowing into your home. And the longer dirt stays on your drapes, the more inground and difficult they become to remove.

A drape cleaning service from us will remove all dirt, stains, odor, and dust making your window covering a mess. Our team of professional drape cleaners is specially trained in handling any tough issue your drapes may be having. Let’s give your drapes a fresh look and improve the overall appearance of your home.


Trust us to give your upholstery a new look with our fantastic upholstery cleaning service

When you commit your upholstery into our hands for a thorough cleaning, you’ll be surprised by the outcome. We will make your furniture, sofas, couches look like they are newly made through our efficient and effective upholstery cleaning service that takes years off the appearance of every item.

At Glenview Carpet Cleaning, we have a team of technicians specializing in upholstery cleaning also. Irrespective of the material or fabric your upholstery is made from, we deliver quality work and impressive results. We examine every piece of furniture well enough to know which cleaning method would be best before commencing the cleaning process. It is not our style to use just any method that might damage your upholstery.

You can now feel more comfortable relaxing on your sofas and couches. We extract every dirt and brighten up your home or office. We understand that no matter how much you try to be free of mess, life happens. So, when you find your upholstery and furniture in need of a good cleaning, don’t hesitate to contact us.


Say goodbye to stains and odor with the power of Glenview Carpet Cleaning

Stains and odor on your carpet or rug are inevitable, most especially when you have kids and pets at home. While you can control your actions as an adult, your kids and pets barely can. And the worst thing about stains on your carpet is that the longer it stays uncleaned, the darker it gets, ruining the beauty of your carpet.

Glenview Carpet Cleaning is here to help you out. Our technicians can take care of urine odor by your pets and kids. Our methods of stain and odor removal can be applied to your upholstery, drapes, and rugs as well. With us, there’s no odor making your home unpleasant or stain disfiguring your home and office that cannot be removed.

We use industry best techniques to get the result that a DIY method most probably won’t give you. We are professionals, and there’s no stain or odor whatsoever that our technicians cannot eradicate.


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The team was very professional and timely. They took the time to remove even the most stubborn stains, worked quietly and thoroughly. My house feels so different now, almost as if I got new carpet altogether.

Adina Negrea