Oriental Rugs – Color Restoration & Blocking and Patching

Oriental Rug Color Restoration 

Oriental rugs are one of the finest pieces of art and manifest the apex of carpet weaving skills. Some of the Oriental rugs like Persian rugs, Egyptian or Pakistani tribal rugs are extremely exquisite and exclusive masterpieces of art and craft. It is certainly not the taste of every man to own such priceless works of art and everybody cannot afford it as well. So if you are one of those lucky ones who have the honor of possessing one of these very exclusive masterpieces of carpet weaving then you better know how to take care of them. One of the aspects of rug care is Oriental rug color restoration.

If you have owned the Oriental rug for long enough then you would know that years of sunlight, dust and dirt and many other agents make it look dull and it loses its original color and texture over time. Oriental rug color restoration can help you restore the original hue and color of your priceless Oriental rug without it being damaged. You do not have to do with the dull looking Oriental rug, all you have to do is to take it for Oriental rug color restoration.

There are quite a number of professional Oriental rug color restoration services out there in the market and you can certainly find one for your prized possession. Unfortunately, there is not much that you can do at home in terms of Oriental rug color restoration, therefore, you will need to hire a professional service for this task. Go for the one that is the best reputed and have the handmade solutions for Oriental rug color restoration. Hanging your rug with the wall to keep it safe is not the solution because the dirt and sunlight is still going to take its color away. All you need is a good Oriental rug color restoration done to it and it will look as good as new.

Oriental Rug Blocking and Patching 

If you have an oriental rug or a few of them in your home you might need to get them repaired some time. Oriental rugs make your home look beautiful and add a classic touch to your décor. But once you get the rugs you need to maintain them properly otherwise they may lose their beauty and start looking dull and shabby.

If you are getting your oriental rugs cleaned professionally, the chances are that your rugs will have very minimum chances of facing damage at the hands of moths and other insects. Professional cleaners use steam for cleaning which kills all insects and microscopic organisms living in the layers of the rug.

Even then a rug can undergo a tear or some other sort of damage. In that case you will need a company that deals in Oriental rug blocking and patching in Brooklyn NY. Rug patching is usually needed if a rug is used in an area that has heavy traffic of people and faces more wear and tear. That usually happens in offices. In houses usually pet cats and dogs become the cause of damage.

Whatever the reason for the damage, you can just call in the company that deals in Oriental rug blocking and patching l, and let them do their work. You are sure to get your rug back in very good condition. It is highly likely that the cleaning company also provides Oriental rug blocking and patching.

Blocking is usually required when the fringes or borders of your rug begin to lose the regular shape due to usage. In that case a good company handling the Oriental rug blocking and patching will take exact measurements of the rug and border it up. Blocking may also mean that the rug be nailed to the floor beneath it so it does not lose shape and stays fixed.

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