Oriental Rugs – Reweaving, Stain Removal & Repair

Oriental Rug Reweaving 

Oriental rugs are beautiful handmade rugs that are considerably expensive. There is a growing trend of using oriental rugs for decorating spaces. So the Business of rug maintenance and repair is also doing quite well. The life of the rug actually depends upon how well maintained it is. If a rug is not cared for and dirty not only will it lose its beauty but actually wear off in very little time.

Oriental rug reweaving is a service easily available. So if you find out that your rug needs repair you just have to call in the experts and they will take care of your rug for you. It is advisable that you don’t try to do the repair yourself. If the rug is very expensive you should immediately call a company that can take care of Oriental rug weaving.

In most cases moths and other insects eat the rug away. That is why it is absolutely necessary to get your rugs professionally cleaned after every 6 months at least. Even if you are cleaning the rug regularly you might not be able to get rid of the insects that may hide in the lower layers. These insects can eat patches away and you will see bald patches in your rug.

Professional Oriental rug reweaving will ensure that the affected areas of your rug will be rewoven in a way that the rug will look as good as new. Good service providers of Oriental rug weaving will not only come to your house to give you the estimate and check the damage but also deliver back the rug after repair.

Usually a good company has all sorts of maintenance and cleaning services. They can easily take care of cleaning stains that seem very resistant. You can entrust your precious rug to a reputable company..

Oriental Rug Stain Removal

Oriental rugs are a priceless possession, one that is truly rare and exquisite and also essentially the finest display of carpet weaving skill. If you own one of these excellent rugs then you should be most careful in taking care of them for a slight carelessness on your part can render unimaginable damage to your valuable rug. However, if you are a family person and especially if there are pets at your home too then no matter how hard you try to take care of your Oriental rug; it is bound to get stained sometime in your life. And when such a thing happens you have to have Oriental rug stain removal done instantly.

If you live with your family or pets then there are a hundred things that can go wrong. Some kid might incidentally spill some drink on the rug or your pets, no matter how well house broke they are, can still defecate or urinate on this priceless possession. You have to keep Oriental rug stain removal system ready for such moments. Now there are two things that you can do for Oriental rugs stain removing. One is to do it with stain removal solutions by yourself at home and the other is to give to Oriental rug stain removal professionals in your area.

If you decide to do it at your home, then you must know exactly how to do it. Once the liquid is spilled or the pet has urinated, instantly soak the area dry with a sponge or vacuum cleaner. Do not try to smudge the stain as it will only spread it more. Once you have soaked the area dry, apply the Oriental rug stain removal solution on it. Rinse it gently in circular passion keeping the rubbing to the stained area only. However, it is much more advisable that you give this task to the professionals who can do it perfectly so that your precious rug looks like new again.

Oriental Rug Repair

If you are a rug owner you would know that there are countless things that can go wrong with your precious rug. No matter how hard you try to save your rug, it will still get old and undergo some of the wear and tear effects. Some rug owners are so anxious about saving their rugs that they hang them on their walls as a decoration piece, but even then it may be damaged by dust and insects like moths. That is why you will need some trusted restoration services for maintenance of your valuable rug.

Oriental Rugs – Moth Proofing & Over Casting

Oriental Rug Moth Proofing

Oriental rugs are beautiful and available in many varieties. The colors are vibrant and they can add a very elegant and tasteful look to the décor of your home and office. Oriental rugs are quite expensive and if not maintained well can lose their vibrancy and color and start looking dull and shabby. Also moths and insects are a problem that can become serious. These insects can eat your oriental rug away leaving bald patches here and there.

It is very necessary to get Oriental rug moth proofing done. If your rug becomes infested with moths the condition will get worse once they lay eggs and the larvae start hatching. The best method is prevention. That is to keep your rug really clean. One sure shot method of Oriental rug moth proofing is vacuuming your rug frequently and airing it on a regular basis. Insects and moths are particularly attracted to damp and dirty places. If your rug is clean and is aired regularly there are little chances that it will have a moth problem.

Oriental rug moth proofing can be done at home by a DIY method or professional can be called in for help. If the rug is very expensive it is better to call in professionals so that you don’t end up damaging your rug in any way. Woolen oriental rugs need more care in this regard. If you are planning to store your rug for a while then you need Oriental rug moth proofing even more.

To keep your rug free of moths you should keep it stain and spill free. If you spill some edible items on your oriental rug, clean it or get it cleaned immediately. You should also wash your rug regularly if you have small children or pets in the house. Taking care of these things will keep your rug moth proof.

Oriental Rug Over Casting

Over casting can greatly increase the life of your beautiful and expensive Oriental rug. If your rug is placed in space where a lot of walking over it takes place then the fringes of your rug will start wearing off and it will start thinning from the edges. You can get Oriental rug over casting done quite easily.

You don’t have to wait for your rug to wear out before you think about getting the over casting. In fact you can get your brand new rug over casted and save it from any possible damage at all. Oriental rug over casting is done by most Carpet and rug cleaning services. You need to look for a reputable company and stick to them for services because getting your rugs professionally cleaned every year also increases their life.

Oriental rug over casting is done by two methods; by hand and by machine. The rugs that are small in size are easy to handle and you can take your rug for over casting and bring it back in an hour or so. For a bigger rug you might have to leave it for a couple of days. You can even check with the company because most of the good companies will pick up the rug from your house and deliver it back after the overcasting is done.

The most common method of Oriental rug overcasting is by the buttonhole stitch. It can be done both by machine and hand. The buttonhole stitch over casting if done properly will increase the life of your rug by many years. Not only will your rug be safe from wear and tear from the edges, it will also look neat and trim. By getting the rug over casted in time you can save your rug from any damage at all.

Oriental Rugs – Color Restoration & Blocking and Patching

Oriental Rug Color Restoration 

Oriental rugs are one of the finest pieces of art and manifest the apex of carpet weaving skills. Some of the Oriental rugs like Persian rugs, Egyptian or Pakistani tribal rugs are extremely exquisite and exclusive masterpieces of art and craft. It is certainly not the taste of every man to own such priceless works of art and everybody cannot afford it as well. So if you are one of those lucky ones who have the honor of possessing one of these very exclusive masterpieces of carpet weaving then you better know how to take care of them. One of the aspects of rug care is Oriental rug color restoration.

If you have owned the Oriental rug for long enough then you would know that years of sunlight, dust and dirt and many other agents make it look dull and it loses its original color and texture over time. Oriental rug color restoration can help you restore the original hue and color of your priceless Oriental rug without it being damaged. You do not have to do with the dull looking Oriental rug, all you have to do is to take it for Oriental rug color restoration.

There are quite a number of professional Oriental rug color restoration services out there in the market and you can certainly find one for your prized possession. Unfortunately, there is not much that you can do at home in terms of Oriental rug color restoration, therefore, you will need to hire a professional service for this task. Go for the one that is the best reputed and have the handmade solutions for Oriental rug color restoration. Hanging your rug with the wall to keep it safe is not the solution because the dirt and sunlight is still going to take its color away. All you need is a good Oriental rug color restoration done to it and it will look as good as new.

Oriental Rug Blocking and Patching 

If you have an oriental rug or a few of them in your home you might need to get them repaired some time. Oriental rugs make your home look beautiful and add a classic touch to your décor. But once you get the rugs you need to maintain them properly otherwise they may lose their beauty and start looking dull and shabby.

If you are getting your oriental rugs cleaned professionally, the chances are that your rugs will have very minimum chances of facing damage at the hands of moths and other insects. Professional cleaners use steam for cleaning which kills all insects and microscopic organisms living in the layers of the rug.

Even then a rug can undergo a tear or some other sort of damage. In that case you will need a company that deals in Oriental rug blocking and patching in Brooklyn NY. Rug patching is usually needed if a rug is used in an area that has heavy traffic of people and faces more wear and tear. That usually happens in offices. In houses usually pet cats and dogs become the cause of damage.

Whatever the reason for the damage, you can just call in the company that deals in Oriental rug blocking and patching l, and let them do their work. You are sure to get your rug back in very good condition. It is highly likely that the cleaning company also provides Oriental rug blocking and patching.

Blocking is usually required when the fringes or borders of your rug begin to lose the regular shape due to usage. In that case a good company handling the Oriental rug blocking and patching will take exact measurements of the rug and border it up. Blocking may also mean that the rug be nailed to the floor beneath it so it does not lose shape and stays fixed.