Oriental Rugs – Moth Proofing & Over Casting

Oriental Rug Moth Proofing

Oriental rugs are beautiful and available in many varieties. The colors are vibrant and they can add a very elegant and tasteful look to the décor of your home and office. Oriental rugs are quite expensive and if not maintained well can lose their vibrancy and color and start looking dull and shabby. Also moths and insects are a problem that can become serious. These insects can eat your oriental rug away leaving bald patches here and there.

It is very necessary to get Oriental rug moth proofing done. If your rug becomes infested with moths the condition will get worse once they lay eggs and the larvae start hatching. The best method is prevention. That is to keep your rug really clean. One sure shot method of Oriental rug moth proofing is vacuuming your rug frequently and airing it on a regular basis. Insects and moths are particularly attracted to damp and dirty places. If your rug is clean and is aired regularly there are little chances that it will have a moth problem.

Oriental rug moth proofing can be done at home by a DIY method or professional can be called in for help. If the rug is very expensive it is better to call in professionals so that you don’t end up damaging your rug in any way. Woolen oriental rugs need more care in this regard. If you are planning to store your rug for a while then you need Oriental rug moth proofing even more.

To keep your rug free of moths you should keep it stain and spill free. If you spill some edible items on your oriental rug, clean it or get it cleaned immediately. You should also wash your rug regularly if you have small children or pets in the house. Taking care of these things will keep your rug moth proof.

Oriental Rug Over Casting

Over casting can greatly increase the life of your beautiful and expensive Oriental rug. If your rug is placed in space where a lot of walking over it takes place then the fringes of your rug will start wearing off and it will start thinning from the edges. You can get Oriental rug over casting done quite easily.

You don’t have to wait for your rug to wear out before you think about getting the over casting. In fact you can get your brand new rug over casted and save it from any possible damage at all. Oriental rug over casting is done by most Carpet and rug cleaning services. You need to look for a reputable company and stick to them for services because getting your rugs professionally cleaned every year also increases their life.

Oriental rug over casting is done by two methods; by hand and by machine. The rugs that are small in size are easy to handle and you can take your rug for over casting and bring it back in an hour or so. For a bigger rug you might have to leave it for a couple of days. You can even check with the company because most of the good companies will pick up the rug from your house and deliver it back after the overcasting is done.

The most common method of Oriental rug overcasting is by the buttonhole stitch. It can be done both by machine and hand. The buttonhole stitch over casting if done properly will increase the life of your rug by many years. Not only will your rug be safe from wear and tear from the edges, it will also look neat and trim. By getting the rug over casted in time you can save your rug from any damage at all.

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